Plain Evil – Octavia vRS Revo Stage3 400HP

Plain Evil – Octavia vRS Revo Stage3 400HP

“I don’t care what it looks like… I want it to go, I want it to fly…”

At the end of the first decade of the new millennium the Porsche 911 Turbo (996) and the Ferrari F430 F1 490 HP were locked in trench warfare for the affections of buyers in the super-sports car class. Both were beautiful, powerful and fast, and both were proud representatives of their respective automobile industries.

But this is not the story of these two cars. This is the story of a car that’s faster than both the Porsche and the Ferrari mentioned above. This is the story of a black Skoda Octavia VRS with 400 horses under the hood.

For the first fifteen thousand kilometers nothing was done to the car except for some esthetic details. The glass and tail lights was tinted. The reason why nothing was done on the engine was purely practical; the owner was waiting to see if it would show any shortcomings out-of-factory that would have to be fixed. But the car turned out to be faultless and this was the green light for work to begin on a vehicle which, if all goes to plan should end up as one of the fastest on the roads of this region.

First up was to change out the hoses, the intercooler itself and the downpipe. The standard intercooler was left in the vehicle because it also acts as the mounting for the standard radiator and a new one was simply added on in front.

When these changes were complete the mapping was updated by Srdjan at SM Chip Tuning in Gradiska (Bosnia). On the rollers the Skoda was now putting out 311 hp and 420 Nm. This made possible an acceleration from 100 to 200km/h in 13 seconds.


In conversation with the owner the question naturally arose why this parameter in particular – acceleration from 100 to 200 km/h – was so important to him. The answer was simple; because the skoda is a front-wheel drive, acceleration in the segment from 100 to 200km/h gives the best indicator of the capacity of the vehicle because at that stage there’s no loss of power from wheel spin as there is from a standing start.

But 311 horsepower and 100 to 200 km/h in 13 seconds was not enough to satisfy this owner, and over the next six months and 15,000 kilometers he entered the next phase – bringing the power up to 400 horses.

After a fair amount of research the following installations were made:

  • Golf 7R turbo charger (latest version IS38)
  • Racing Line R600 intake
  • 76mm exhaust

These components were essential in order to complete the Revo Stage 3 mapping which was done by Ticbra, Serbia’s famous racer at 402 meters at WAG Speed Shop in New Belgrade, the authorized dealer in Serbia for the company Revo Technic which specializes in tuning software and hardware for the VW Group.

Along with the engine mapping they also did the mapping for the DSG transmission: Revo Stage 2.

With these changes Revo declared an output in the range of 390 to 420 horsepower depending on the quality of fuel and parts.

And the results in terms of performance?

  • 0-100kmph; 5.0 seconds
  • 100-200kmph; 8.7 seconds
  • 0-200kmph; 13.7 seconds


These results were achieved with slick tyres to reduce the effect of wheel spin in a front-wheel drive assessed at 400+ hp.

And how fast is this in reality? Believe me when I tell you that I stumbled out in this beast covered in gooseflesh. I don’t remember when I last experienced such an adrenalin rush, and you know I’ve been riding in some very fast cars of late. And it was exactly that segment of the acceleration, from 100 to 200km/h in 8.7 seconds, which left the strongest impression.

For the sake of comparison let’s return to the Porsche and the Ferrari mentioned at the beginning. Both the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Ferrari F430 require 8.9 seconds to accelerate from 100 to 200km/h which is two tenths of a second slower than this Skoda tested. To make the comparison even more interesting, the Opel Astra two-liter turbo estate that I drive privately needs almost the same time to get from ZERO to ONE HUNDRED kilometers per hour, so this Skoda is faster from 100 to 200km/h than my Astra is from 0 to 100!

What’s to be said but plain evil, as in the title of this article?

And is this the end? Like hell it is. I told you what the owner said at the very beginning, “I  don’t care what it looks like… I want it to go, I want it to fly…” Well, to make this car fly, preparations are underway for the next challenge, to install Aqua Mist Revo Hybrid turbines and Revo Stage 4 mapping.


The projected power? 440 to 470 horsepower according to the Revo specifications. A comparison? This is the horsepower of the cult Farrari F40. Will the Skoda have the performance of the F40? We’ll have to wait and see, we’re expecting a new test drive shortly.

Text/Photo: Z. Glavaški/ N. Dragorajac

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